Top 17 Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan

Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan

Real estate has significant economic impacts as it is one of the most lucrative industries. Many real estate firms in Pakistan offer their customers and investors affordable solutions regarding investing in real estate. In this guide, we will discuss the Top Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan.

It is believed that several real estate companies in Pakistan are currently working on the development of a unique luxury living style in the country. With the rise of real estate investment portals that are staffed with skilled brokers, the number of companies offering these services is steadily increasing.

Among the most frequently asked questions by people new to buying and selling properties is the following: Several real estate companies in Pakistan are offering many real estate projects for those looking to invest in and secure their future. Several real estate companies are operating in Pakistan, and we have listed below a list of the top ones.

Best Real Estate Marketing Companies At A Glance

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • ZEM Builder
  • Al Hamd Group of Companies
  • Capital Smart City
  • Chohan Estate
  • Sky One Real Estate & Builders
  • The Millennium Builders
  • Lead Estates
  • Square Nine
  • Graana
  • M2 Marketing
  • Agency 21
  • Redbox
  • Star Marketing

1. Real Estate Marketing

Real Investment Marketing is one of the leading real estate companies in Pakistan and is a recognized name in the sector. Real estate is its area of expertise. The company has emerged as the most convenient and reliable option for investors within a short time. A number of major cities in Pakistan are where Real Investment Marketing is prevalent. This company has launched different real estate projects in such a short period. Below are some notable projects in real investment marketing:

Its head office is on the 2nd Floor, Safdar Mansion, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Office # 4 & 8. Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest Pakistani marketing agencies. New talents have been given chances to show themselves and rise together under the guidance of the top market experts.

As a well-known and reputable marketing company, they strive to professionally deliver their services to valued clients and establish long-term relationships. We recommend Real investment marketing as it is one of the best Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan the most reliable, trustworthy, professional, understanding, and recognized marketing company in Pakistan for your property promotion.

  1. ZEM Builder

A decade ago, Zeeshan A. Qureshi founded ZEM – Zeeshan Estate Management Builder to create an exceptional level of luxury real estate investment in Pakistan. To redefine the art of living, the company aims to make it more luxurious and efficient. Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi are three major cities in Pakistan where ZEM Builder has expanded its network.

One of the best things about ZEM is that they work on domestic and international projects. Customer service at this company is well known for being of the highest quality. Long-term customer relationships and an investor-friendly approach allow ZEM builders to approach customers easily and comfortably. Among their specialties are residential and commercial real estate projects. ZEM Builders has the following tasks under its administration:

  • Zem 6
  • Zem 7
  • Zem Gardenia
  • Liberty Tower
  • Lake Vista Heights
  • Urban Nest
  • ZEM Heights
  1. Al Hamd Group of Companies

Al-Hamd Group is a leading real estate company in Pakistan with a reputation for offering its clients some of the best investment opportunities with innovative ideas. The company can deliver outstanding residential and commercial projects throughout Islamabad and Rawalpindi through its extensive and highly qualified team of professionals in its employ.

The country farmhouse concept was introduced for the first time in Pakistan, indicating the advancement of home building in that part of the world. The company’s wide range of services specializes in developing, constructing, marketing, and selling property. The company aims to provide you with the best service possible. The company has undertaken various projects over the years.

Below are a few examples:

  • Real Estate Projects:
  • Blue Hills Country Farm
  • Blue World City
  • Rawal Enclave Phase 3
  • Abdullah Center
  • Ecstacy Park
  • Alhamd Tower

Civic Center Phase 4 is home to the head office of the company. Al-Hamd Group’s vision is to be the pillar of success in the real estate business sector.

  1. Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has always been at the top regarding the best residential projects in Pakistan. The prestigious housing society has become one of the most prestigious in Pakistan because of its state-of-the-art infrastructure and intelligent features.

It is a few minutes from the Islamabad International Airport, located in the city’s center. We aim to meet Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s increasing housing demands in an environmentally friendly way. With Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) in the real estate industry of Pakistan, Capital Smart City has collaborated with several well-known names in the industry.

These reputed companies have also managed several other projects in Islamabad and Bahria Town. Capital Smart City benchmarks urban development in the region. Another project is being constructed as part of the Lahore smart city project. It is indeed one of the best Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan right now.

  1. Chohan Estate

Look at one of Pakistan’s oldest real estate companies, Chohan Estate. Mr. Yousaf Chohan founded it in 1985. Our company’s mission is based on integrity and dependability. They have created a unique way to understand their customers’ business needs at Chohan Estate.

The company offers various services related to real estate, from rental to property management. The company has therefore gained a reputation as one of the top real estate firms in Pakistan. It offers quality services to investors and property seekers by highlighting an exceptional team of real estate agents utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools and operating on advanced technology. A fully equipped team can manage all your real estate needs. If you want the best option for your property and yourself, visit Chohan Real Estate.

Chohan Builders has been working on the Country Homes project for the past few years. Regarding Chohan Builders’ marketed projects, Askari Corporate Tower and Union Complex stand out. Its reputation as one of Pakistan’s best real estate marketing companies stems from this..

  1. Sky One Real Estate & Builders

Real estate projects by Sky One Real Estate & Builders have earned it a reputation as a reputable company. Neither the quality nor the integrity of their work is questioned. The company has hired several highly skilled and experienced industry experts.

They have been operating in the construction and real estate sector for 12 years, which makes them an industry leader. Both residential and commercial projects are available from them. It is well known that they possess extensive industry knowledge and are committed to delivering results.

Providing our clients with the latest data and guidelines is one of the company’s main goals. Their high-rise buildings and homes became the focus of attention after the development of Bahria Town Karachi. Sky one real estate & builders have completed the following major projects:

Projects in real estate:

  • Lucky Sky Tower
  • Sky Tower

Real estate investment is best made at Sky One real estate & builders.

  1. The Millennium Builders

The Millennium Builders Company, also known as TMB, is one of the country’s most rapidly growing industrial real estate companies. This office is located in Bahria Town Phase 7, Suite #06, 2nd Floor, Block D, Spring North Commercial, Islamabad.

The company’s collaborative real estate management system adapts to changing market conditions. The company offers quality architectural estate services and expertise in this area. A decade after its founding, the company has established itself as one of Pakistan’s leading real estate companies.

Consequently, the company has developed an international reputation for offering a wide range of real estate projects. The company has hired skilled, knowledgeable, and professional experts to provide quality service to its clients. Following is a list of some of TMB’s real estate projects:

  • Royal Arcade
  • RMH -Royal Millennium Heights
  • Blue World City Islamabad
  • GRMH -Grand Royal Millennium Heights
  • Concept Heights
  • The First Tower BWC
  • The Millennium Residencia
  1. Lead Estates

We want to mention Leads Estates on our list of reputed names in the real estate field. Leads estate is another real estate portal that works to provide its valued clients with the best service in the area of property management. Their goal is to become one of the best real estate companies in Pakistan by the end of the year. To redefine the lifestyle and make it more comfortable and efficient, the company has hired a team of professional experts who are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable.

To deal with customers and engage them effectively, they need to be equipped with knowledge and techniques. Muhammad Abbas Ch founded this company in the year 2000. A great deal of trust has been built between them in such a short period. As part of the DHA Lahore Corporate Business Centre, the company is located in the lead estate of A-90 Broadway Commercial Phase 8.

Their portfolio of high-profile housing societies includes some of the country’s most prominent and well-known community housing societies, such as DHA, Johar Town, and Bahria Town. We’ve got everything you need for a hassle-free experience.

  1. Square Nine

It’s square nine. Surely you’ve heard of it. The square nine real estate company offers cost-effective, research-based, and experienced real estate services. Their main advantage is that they don’t just provide listing services, but they also guide you through every aspect of investing in real estate in Pakistan.

They have a network throughout Pakistan. The headquarters is located at Deen Pavilion Plaza, 94-East Blue Area, Islamabad, on the 4th Floor. As one of Pakistan’s top-notch real estate companies, the company initially aimed to provide a customer-oriented approach. In addition to providing elite services, they are dedicated to working hard.

Maintain a long-term relationship with your customers as well. The company falls under the supervision of the Al Miraj Group of Companies, which can be considered a subsidiary.

  1. Graana

It’s not surprising that has been delivering the best of the best services since 2018. The launch of was the result of a long journey. After returning to Pakistan in 2015, CEO Shafiq Akbar launched to serve real estate needs.

Graana expanded its team in 2016 despite many challenges in real estate. As a result of studying real estate dynamics in 2017, developed a safe and transparent investment plan. Several professionals were drawn together to use’s best services in the real estate field in 2017. Later on, in 2018, opened its doors and welcomed clients from all over the world.

The real estate world got to know in gradual phases. In addition, the investment plan’s safety and transparency are prioritized. As a result, is ranked among the top real estate companies in Pakistan.

  1. M2 Marketing

Farhan Jadoon’s M2 Marketing Company is another popular real estate firm in Pakistan. Incorporated with the following intentions:

  • Planned investments with purpose.
  • For a transparent investment process.
  • Creating a worthwhile platform for the exchange of real estate offers between buyers and sellers.
  • Watching the real estate sector for potential growth.

A decade of experience is what has in the real estate industry. It is based in the twin cities, but it plans to expand soon. Investing in residential plots or commercial plots is available to investors. Additionally, customers are provided with individualized investment plans. This real estate agency’s mission is to provide clients with a clear understanding of real estate housing societies.

  1. Agency 21

In the world of real estate, Agency 21 is establishing its identity. Real estate plans are undergoing a revolution thanks to this newly established company. Aside from that, Agency 21 proposes a clear and legal transaction strategy. Services offered to include the following:

  • Analyzing the market comparatively.
  • The total market picture.
  • The provision of facilities for sale.
  • Making the process of purchasing a property easier.
  • Assistance from a professional.
  1. Redbox

In terms of real estate companies, Redbox is also among the best in Pakistan. Since its launch in 2018, it has taken several steps to become successful. It has published almost 200 e-magazines. During International Property Expo in January 2019, Redbox became an official media partner within a short period.

A real estate company in this group also collaborated with property developers in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. As a result, the company achieved a strong reputation in the Pakistani real estate market.

  1. Star Marketing

The company’s extensive experience in real estate makes Star Marketing a leading company in the field. Their motto has remained unchanged for years: simple, effective, progressive marketing strategies. There are quite a few projects that they have undertaken all over the country, and they have established themselves in all the major cities.

Their marketing associates are located in countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe. They are the go-to people for foreign investors interested in investing in their company.


As a real estate marketing agency of high standards and with years of experience in the field, Tameer is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Tameer is one of the best companies in the world for consulting and management services. Tameer has earned its share of customer satisfaction and trust by promoting a high work ethic and professionalism throughout the company.

As well as marketing property, its construction division is also involved. Even though Tameer has a reputation for being transparent, customer-oriented, and client-satisfied, it has set itself apart from its competitors.


Zameen. Pk dominates the online property market right now. There is now a shortcut to the difficult process of selling your property. Instead of visiting different dealers and showing your property to several customers, now you have to take a picture with your cellphone, add a description, and voila, your property is up for sale.

This company also has experts who deal with investing in real estate, with the whole process of buying and selling real estate. It is not just that they display the properties for sale, but their experts also help you select the best investment properties for your long-term goals.

Final Words

So here I conclude I have added the top Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan which can help you out in your buying and selling of real estate properties, If you are trying to get the best profit returns you definitely rely on any of these investing companies

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