Ring Road Town

Nestled in the heart of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Ring Road Town epitomizes a modern urban retreat. As stewards of community development, we passionately weave the fabric of inclusivity, sustainability, and progress. Our commitment to fostering a thriving haven reflects our unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

The natural beauty of the region inspired the overall design, placing a pristine championship golf course at the heart of the development. This lush, green open space is surrounded by carefully sited designer villas and apartments, all connected by wide, gently curving parkways and easily serviced by a wealth of extravagant amenities. Throughout, contemporary architecture blends effortlessly into existing natural elements, complementing the panoramic views for which Pakistan is famous. The spacious sense of openness, the views across the course, and the rolling hills are the hallmarks of Ring Road Town. Also integrated into this thoughtfully considered landscape are a sumptuous Clubhouse, a Medical Center, a five-star standard of living, luxury retail stores and a business center.


Experience the pinnacle of modern living at Ring Road Town’s Overseas Block, where luxury seamlessly meets innovation. Indulge in a lifestyle beyond compare, with top-tier amenities including an Artificial Beach, Safari, Tallest Skywalk, ZipLine Adventure, and boasting the title of the Fastest Development. Located 0km from Rawalpindi Ring Road and surrounded by the serene Khasala and Jawa Dams, Solar Park, Coffee Cafe, Jogging Track, and an Outdoor Gym, this community is meticulously designed for a discerning lifestyle.


Community Center

Wellness, recreation, events—fulfilling all needs for vibrant living in our thriving neighborhood.

Green Spaces & Parks

Escape to tranquility in our lush green spaces and parks, offering serene retreats for relaxation.


Embrace spiritual serenity in our welcoming mosques, fostering community connection and peace.

Education Facilities

Nurturing young minds with quality education, inspiring curiosity, and fostering a lifelong love for learning

24/7 Security

Ensuring safety and peace of mind with our vigilant security measures, safeguarding our community 24/7.

Health & Medical Centers

Accessible healthcare, fostering a community of vitality, resilience, and holistic wellness for all.


  • Commercial
  • Residentials